A Farewell to Judy

Judy Davies . . . aka Secretary Judy, Office Judy, Judy Dear and Friend . . . is retired as of October 31, 2018. 

Judy has been the face and voice of our church since 1994. What would we have done without her constant prompting (ok, maybe nagging, but we still love her) to get our reports, newsletter articles and bulletin information to her each week or each month.

She has answered our e-mails and phone calls into the night for so many years. She has helped us continue as an active community church and supported our pastors and all of us for more than 24 years. That’s five pastors, countless church leaders and members usually wanting something, numerous equipment repair people (not to mention jammed machines at unwelcome times), frequent visitors and strangers, questions and requests — all handled with patience and grace.

Judy, you are an amazing person! You will be missed beyond words. Enjoy your retirement!


From Judy:

I have loved being your church secretary all these many years. But it is time for me to clean up my desk and turn my keys over to someone else. You all have been very supportive, generous, accepting and forgiving of me. Please be supportive of the new lady behind the desk. If she asks for help or advice, give it; if she doesn’t, don’t. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Judy Davies 

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