From Our Pastor

Grief Series Coming

On October 6th, we will start a new series on Grieving. Retired mental health professional Sue Magrath and I will be collaborating on this series, which will deal with all kinds of grief—loss of life, loss of a relationship, loss of health—any significant change, really, can usher in the kind of loss that leads to grief.

We will also be offering a class each Tuesday evening at 7pm while the series is going on (first class October 8th).  It will focus on grief in its many forms, and will offer more of a chance for questions, sharing, and getting deeper into the issues of grief. It is my hope that people will feel free to invite others from outside the church to this series—the class is probably the best place to start—because everyone deals with grief at one time or another, and many people have grief they don’t know what to do with—sometimes grief builds up over the years.

The series will run four weeks, until October 27th. The accompanying class will also run four weeks, with the final class being Tuesday, October 29th. The final class will be a healing service, in which we bring our losses to God and receive healing words through scripture, hymns, and liturgy, as well as an individual blessing for those who desire it.  Grief is not a fun subject—but it’s one we all have to deal with and with healthy grieving, our lives can really change for the better! Hoping to see you in church or in class—

Grace and Peace

Pastor Matt