If you have recently experienced or are in the process of planning for the passing of a loved one, please accept our sincere condolences and know that we are here if you need us.  We understand that all too often funerals, memorials and celebration of life services are simply not planned until after a loved one’s sudden passing. Unfortunately, it is during this highly emotional time when the decision-making process is the most difficult.  Leavenworth Community UMC can help relieve some of your burden by compassionately guiding you through the process, so that the service that your loved one deserves becomes reality.

Whenever possible, we highly recommend the option of planning your service in advance and filing your wishes with us, which assures that your wishes or the wishes of your loved one will be honored.  We offer the ability to consult with Pastor Denise so that you can specify the type of service that you would like.  This allows friends and family to celebrate a special life with the type of service, the songs and the traditions that will help everyone remember the life they are there to celebrate.  Advance planning also eases the burden on the family; so that decision-making in the midst of their grief becomes less complicated.  Congregants and others who wish to prepare a funeral plan to be kept on file at the church office should set up an appointment with Pastor Denise.

So whether your need is immediate with the recent passing of a loved one, or you have a desire to be proactive in a future funeral service, memorial or a celebration of life, for yourself, a family member or a dear friend, please contact Pastor Denise at 509 548-5619 or click here.