About Us

Our Mission Statement:
“We confidently strive to grow in Christ, love one another, and be the hands and feet of God in the world.”

 Who We Are:

At Leavenworth Community United Methodist Church, it is the people who make the difference.  We are a community of faith that cares for each other, for the community around us, for the world and for all God’s creation.  It is our desire to be truly Christ-like in thought and action, loving as God loves and showing that love in tangible ways.  These connections are at the heart of our church family.

We are also committed to growing in our walk with God and supporting one another on that journey through Bible study, small groups, classes and spiritual friendships.  The fruit of this spiritual growth is outreach.  As we experience God’s love and grace, we are inspired and energized to serve God’s people, whoever they are and whatever their circumstances.  We take seriously Christ’s admonition to serve “the least of these” and believe that it is through these acts of service that we participate in the Kingdom of God that is both now and yet to come.