Whether you are engaged, soon to be engaged or just dreaming, take a few minutes to look over what we have to offer if a wedding in Leavenworth, Washington is on your wish list.  We know that your decision to marry is an exciting and joyful one, made with careful thought and filled with hope. The decision to have your wedding in the church suggests that you have a sense of God’s presence in your relationship and that you anticipate God’s blessings as you live out your marriage covenant.  Thank you for thinking of Community United Methodist Church as part of your plans.

Your wedding is the Christian celebration of your love and commitment to each other and to God.  At Community UMC, we want to minister to you, through your wedding service. This sacred ceremony, in which you enter into a covenant with God and one other, creates the foundation for your marriage.

In the context of faith a wedding is not simply a beautiful ceremony but a service of worship. In Christ’s spirit, our congregation looks forward to helping you make your wedding a meaningful and holy event.

Your brothers and sisters-in Christ at Community United Methodist Church are grateful for the opportunity to share with you in the celebration of your marriage!

 Weddings at Community United Methodist Church

Community United Methodist Church provides the perfect backdrop for your wedding which will be held in our warm and inviting sanctuary which seats approximately 150 persons.  We provide a wedding hostess to guide you through your special day at the church, and to work with your wedding planner should you have one.

To help in planning your wedding, we have written these guidelines to assist you. For questions and further information, please stop by the church, or contact us at (509) 548-5619.  The church is located 2 blocks off of Highway 2 on the corner of Evans St. and Summit Ave.  Click here for a map and directions.

Officiating Minister and Pre-Marital Counseling

Couples wishing to be married at Community UMC should schedule a preliminary conversation with the Pastor. If the Pastor agrees to officiate, follow up appointments are made for pre-marital counseling, either with the Pastor or with a 3rd party approved by the Pastor.  Clergy other than the Pastor may officiate by invitation of the Pastor.  The officiating minister may refuse to perform a marriage at which a member of the wedding party is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A marriage license is required for the ceremony.

Music for Your Wedding

The music selected for a wedding has great power to give the service its character. Music can enhance the Christian proclamation of faith.  Music expresses the joy, praise, and thanksgiving that characterize marriage in a Christian context.

Musical selections should be discussed with the Pastor, the Wedding Hostess and with the church music staff if necessary.

Wedding Hostess

Our Wedding Hostess will assist the couple to be married and will facilitate in the logistics leading up to the rehearsal and service. The Hostess is available throughout the planning process to answer questions and confirm plans.

The Wedding Hostess serves as the church liaison in helping you understand and follow the policies of the church and to help coordinate your needs with those of the church. The Hostess will unlock/lock the building, ensure adequate temperature adjustments are made, prepare the worship space for the wedding, ensure that the florist, photographer/videographer abide by the policies of the church, ensure that the staff are aware of the needs and times of the rehearsal and wedding, and so on.

While couples generally retain personal wedding consultants, it is important to understand that a Wedding Hostess from Community UMC is required.


The Pastor, in cooperation with the Wedding Hostess, will conduct the wedding rehearsal. The Wedding Hostess will work with you in scheduling the rehearsal time. Allow approximately 1 hour for the rehearsal.

In general, the facilities will be available for decorations on the day before the wedding. Earlier entrance may be arranged in advance with the Wedding Hostess. Protective cloths or plastic must be placed under all plants containing moisture.

  • All members of the wedding party shall be informed that smoking and/or alcoholic beverages are not permitted within the church building or on the church grounds.
  • Confetti, rice and birdseed are also not allowed in the building.
  • Dressing rooms downstairs and on the main floor are provided for the wedding party.
  • Flash bulbs or photo floods may not be used during the actual ceremony. Arrangements should be made for special pictures before or after the ceremony.
  • Lit flame candles in candleholders may be used in the Sanctuary.
  • Any change in decorations or movement of furniture in the Sanctuary must be approved by the Wedding Hostess.

Decorations and Flowers

Because a wedding is a worship service, all decorations and flowers should enhance the worship elements of the service. No furniture or symbol will be moved from its usual location in the worship area unless approved by the Pastor and Wedding Coordinator.


Our Fellowship Hall is available for your use and will accommodate up to 200 people.  You will need to provide the Church Office a diagram of the table set up for your reception one week prior to your wedding.

An outside caterer, family, or friends may provide food for the reception, and are responsible for cleanup after the reception including trash removal, cleaning kitchen workspaces, wiping down tables, putting away tables and chairs, and so on.

Photography and Videography

Photographs and videotapes will provide many years of enjoyment in remembering your wedding day.  At the same time, we must remember that a wedding ceremony is a service of worship. No photography or videotaping must interfere with the worship experience. Anyone who is photographing or videotaping the wedding is responsible for abiding by the policies of Community UMC.

Neither the photographer, video operator, nor any assistants may move around the church, walk in the aisle, enter the chancel area or choir loft area for the purpose of taking photographs or video once the wedding music has begun.  No flash photographs or lighted video filming may be taken during the wedding ceremony.

Scheduling Your Wedding

The initial scheduling of weddings at Community UMC is arranged through the Church Office.  Our Office Administrator can share the dates that are available for your wedding.

We would love to help orchestrate this most joyous event for you,
so please contact us!